Sunday, 6 August 2006

Time to play

We had time to play yesterday. I took the habotai silk scarf from the pickling solution last night whilst waiting for the oven to bleep. I used the train wheels again for the rust dye because I still haven't found anything else that will rust!

This time I was trying to get a different texture rather than the round wheel print again. I soaked the scarf in vinegar/water solution and scrunched the scarf and put it on the inside of the wheel. I then put a wheel on top in effect sandwiching the silk between the two wheels. I poured on some more vinegar and left it. This piece has been pickling for about 4 days now I think. It makes a difference if the weather is cooler as it takes longer. I don't suppose I will get much rust dyeing done in the colder months. I can always read Kimberley's book which I have ordered Rust and Clay Dyeing.

I rinsed the scarf and whilst it was still wet I drizzled some Pebeo iron set silk paint onto it.

I got a great bargain at Miller's Art Shop on Friday. Norman found them in their discount basket. Pebeo silk paints for 50p a bottle so I just bought what was there. This was one of the reds. The result is very pleasing with light and dark painted areas. Deb in Alaska suggested I paint the silk velveteen with red but I decided to leave it as the colours were very rich as they were so I did this one instead.

I am making some more fabric postcards as the September deadline for the swap is fast approaching. I had planned on having my postcards finished by the end of May! I found a nice ink stamp and a Charles Rennie Machintosh stamp at the art shop. It's a lovely ink - aged paper type look. It works beautifully with the green rust dyed silk. I am making use of these samples I did a week or two ago.

I have also been making some more Aneglina fibre motifs. I have a lovely butterfly stamp which gives great detail in the Angelina fibres.
This one is on a batik background. I just need to do some stitching and perhaps I will stamp the background. I also did a motif using the Mackintosh stamp you see in the above picture but Picasa wouldn't let me download that one for some reason! Posted by Picasa


platitudinal said...

The butterfly on the angelina fiber is simply beautiful! The combination of blue and green is captivating. :)

Carol said...

Thank you I love working with Angelina fibres.