Saturday, 5 August 2006

Inspiration is all around

I love the art that has been installed on the roundabouts where I live. This is one picture I took from the car yesterday. Stonework and copper make up this arch. There are others I intend photographing to make a collection. One in particular would make a gorgeous quilt. I just have to find a time when the traffic is at it's quietest.
This is a window from the Art Gallery I visited yesterday. Very Frank Lloyd Wright don't you think? I think it may be Charles Rennie Mackintosh but I am not sure. I need to do some research and find out who designed it. There is a collection of Mackintosh work in the gallery.
I just loved these. Not sure if there is a meaning behind it. I never did find out.

We are heading for the National Museum of Scotland they have a special exhibit I want to visit. My friend Marion was telling me about it and so we must go see it. Posted by Picasa


smarcoux said...

HI Carol ... I laughed at the cat eatting your stuff sorry :) .
Also I have left a comment on your rust piece .. very very nice indeed.


Carol said...

Hi Sandy,

Yes she's eating everything in sight. Had her at the vet yesterday to check her bloods again she has an overactive thyroid poor little thing.