Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Cracked it!

These are the wax fabric crayon rubbings. I didn't have any polyester fabric, transfer crayons and paints are best on manmade fibres, but I tried it on silk and it worked a treat. I have other ideas for these designs and I will post results as I do them.

I was a little concerned if they would work or not as the wax crayons have been around here for 6 years! I first used them way back during my City & Guilds college course. My main concern was that the fabric ones were mixed with a few ordinary wax crayons - the ones I use for resist
on paper- and I wondered if I could tell the difference) there would have been a terrible mess if I couldn't. Oh! wait a minute it wouldn't have been a total disaster melted wax is great on paper with a watercolour wash (did that in college too). You know immediately you try using them which is which. I had taken the paper off them in order to use them for rubbings!

I also found tucked away 6 bottles of transfer paints so I painted some paper with them yesterday and they are dry this morning ready for use. No polyester but I might just try them on the cotton polin or maybe silk, they will of course be much lighter (which is good) but who knows they too have been here for 6 or so years so they might not work - do they have a shelf life? Time will tell! I knew I learned all those techniques way back then for a reason. It's so good to have all these techniques at your fingertips.

Here it is on fabric! This is a Notan design I drew out yesterday. I knew it was possible! It just clicked at 4 am today! I was in my log cabin very early this morning - heck it's still early. Now the question is do I layer and quilt it as it is or do I do some more and make a bigger quilt? Hmmmmm!!! Watch this space.