Thursday, 31 August 2006

Crazy about patchwork

My in-person classes start up again at the end of September so it's time to get some samples done and supplies lists written up. Most of my students have been with me since I started teaching at Currie High School 4 years ago and I also get some new students. They are all wonderful. This is a crazy patchwork cushion I will be teaching.
I have some embroidery and embellishments on it but I loved the fabrics so much I didn't want to overpower it.

I realised whilst doing the Surfacing RR that my work is like the rest of my life. I hate clutter - I love space. It seems it comes through in my quilting as well. I just finished doing Carol in Wales RR fabric. I think this has been the hardest piece to do yet. I had an idea from the beginning. Thankfully Carol had provided a sample piece so I could try out different techniques. The piece was silk with Nuno felt. I went with my first idea in the end. I will post a picture later as I want Carol to see it first. I hope she likes it. Worry, worry, worry! Despite the worry I have enjoyed doing the RR.

I had better go and finish that Cathedral Window cushion I started a while back for my next class. I like to have a few samples for students to choose from. Sometimes they do them all!