Saturday, 2 September 2006

What's on the Design wall today?

The answer is lots!! I finished Carol in Wales RR fabric the other day. I haven't been to the post office yet. It was just as well as I had forgotten to take a photograph. I foiled it and stamped it with Stewart Gill Galactica. I hope she likes it.

The RR has been a good exercise. A little daunting, somewhat scary but at the end of the day I am glad I did it and I think I have grown as a fibre artist having done it. It's one thing experimenting here in my studio on my own fabrics. It's quite another adding to someone elses fabric.

The other thing on the design wall is this piece of silk paper we were making yesterday just for fun - like you do! It's pinned to a piece of my hand dyed fabric I just need to move it on. Perhaps some embroidery, Xpandaprint maybe? I am still deciding.

I finished the Cathedral window cushion and stitched the Aluminium Notan to the black background. It's layered, quilted and I just have to hand stitch the binding on. JQ No 8 finished. I bought Ricky Timms DVD a while back and finally had the courage to try some of his ideas for quilting - stippling wasn't an option! Anyway I did it and it was fun. Next I want to try his threads. I bought them and they have been languishing in my thread box (well one of them!). It's time to get them out and start playing. Maybe on the silk paper piece.

I started my online PSP class with Lindy. We have to do 3 lessons a week and by the end of the day my brain ached. WOW! I learned so much and I have only done 3 lessons and there are 30 of them. I really want to change my website and hopefully this will help. That's the theory.

Better go and make dinner for everyone.