Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Fabric Postcards

Since being asked to giv a demonstration at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in August I thought I had better make some new ones. I will send these onto my ART2MAIL group for this year when I get back from Birmingham.

I have been experimenting with dimensional paint and all the lovely textural Golden gel mediums and Stewart Gill paints. This one is dimensional glue and I have painted with irridescent paints in blue and gold.
I use Fast2fuse as my base, I then iron my fabric on using a steam iron. The fabric postcards can then be embellished and stitched quite easily. Here I have used dimensional paint, gold and turquoise Metallica by Stewart Gill and I have added some mica flakes with beading glue.
This is the same technique as the one above but I have experimented with different types and colours of mica flakes. My friend Linda in Ca sent me a lovely selection of these and I am enjoying experimenting with them.
The photograph of this postcard doesn't show the lovely red/gold texture and colour of the original. These postcards still have to be stitched and sating stitched around the edge.
This is another example of the same technique using different colours and types of paint.