Tuesday, 1 August 2006

My experiments with foil and glue

I have been experimenting with different media. First of all I printed the paisley image from one of Dover's copyright free books onto an overhead transparency. Using my hot stencil cutter I made a stencil from the print. I sprayed 505 temporary spray adhesive onto the wrong side of the transparency and put it onto the black/grey background fabric. I chose a dark background as I wanted to experiment with sparkly paints etc.

I took some Golden Gel Medium (gloss) and mixed it with Pearl Ex Pigment (Interference Violet) and "painted" it using a spatula through parts of the stencil. I left it to dry. Once dry I painted the other areas with Stewart Gill Bronze metallica paint and the outside of the design with Stewart Gill Galactica in red. I then left it to dry. Sorry the colours haven't photographed too well.

With this piece I used the same stencil but instead of Golden Gel Medium I used PVA glue, the kind that dries clear. I then foiled it with different colours of foil. The centre has turned out particularly well as I used a rainbow coloured foil. Although the design hasn't come out as crisp as I would have liked it gives the impression of a Paisley design. I think this is a lovely surface design and one I will use again.

Yesterday I made my June Journal Quilt using a piece of the rust dyed habotai silk. I didn't colour this piece with anything else as I loved the colours left by the rust process. I also used foil in a flying geese type design but this time I used Bondaweb to apply the foil. It looks good. I shall put pictures on my website once they have been to Houston. We are not allowed to show pictures before then. I just thought I would share the process. I am going to make a few fabric postcards using this technique and will post pictures of them later and explain what I did.


Dianne said...

OHHH this is so beautiful and like the sweety you are you share the process thanks so much, you go girl...