Friday, 25 August 2006

Here's Hyperion

This is for DianneM. Here is DH's steam train. He has called it "Hyperion". Because they are gauge models they have to have the name of a real train. It is absolutely gorgeous. So much detail and it is VERY heavy. He now has two trains he can run on the ESME track. He stores them on a new racking system he has just installed in the garage (where I used to fabric dye hence the reason for the new studio). He bought a wonderful trolley the other day that he can raise and lower to each shelf level to move the trains to his trailer to transport to the club when he wants to run them. Thank goodness as I was beginning to worry aboujt him moving these heavy trains.

He is currently building another one. It will be a little while before I can photograph that one though - 5 maybe 6 years from now he will be finished it. Norman is a retired Chartered Electrical Engineer and is sooooo clever.