Sunday, 27 August 2006

Play time

I have been busy in the log cabin painting papers. I have been using different coloured tissue papers. The one above is turquoise glued to cartridge paper. I then added some turquoise silk paint to Golden Gel Medium (Garnet Gel (course)) and stamped it onto the tissue paper. I left it to dry and painted with turquoise silk paint and once that was dry I over painted around the stamped areas with Stewart Gill metamica in light green. I left the original tissue paper to shine through the middle of the stamp.

I love this one. It is white tissue paper scrunched and glued to a background. I added some strips of tin foil which I painted with gesso. I left it to dry and painted with tuquoise arylic ink and then whilst it was still wet I added some orange silk paint.

This was white tissue painted first with blue acrylic paint and then I added a little mustard coloured acrylic paint which bled into the blue paint in places. Once it was dried it was a little dull and so I over painted it with a 50/50 mixture of PVA glue and water. I did this many years ago at college and forgot just how much fun it is. With the addition of the PVA this piece can be stitched through.
I used black tissue paper here. Once again scrunched and glued using the same 50/50 PVA/water mixture. It doesn't matter if the tissue paper tears as you can either leave it (more texture) or add little bits of tissue (different texture). I then painted it with green acrylic paint and whilst the paint was still wet I sprinkled gold embossing powder and black mica chips and heated it with a heat gun. The photograph doesn't do it justice.

I painted the remainder of the Golden Gel Medium onto a turquoise piece of tissue paper. I may add something else to this but I wanted to photograph it to use in PSP for my backgrounds.

I also managed to get one Journal Quilt almost completed. I just have the binding to hand stitch in place. I also had another sample I had been trying out. Cotton painted with gloss Golden Gel Medium and stamped to give various designs. I painted it with all sorts of things and it has come out pretty good. I layered and stitched it and just have to find an appropriate binding fabric for it. Two more to go and thsat's all my Journal Quilts finished.

I was up at the crack of dawn getting the housework done before I went out to the log cabin. It's so much fun out there. Now I have some ironing to do :( before I can play some more.


smarcoux said...

Carol these papers are fantastic ... after my talk with WI I am going to give this a try



Carol said...

Hi Sandy,

I am sure your talk went well. I hope you had fun.

Enjoy making painted papers, just what you need after a talk!
It is so much fun and so relaxing.

I will look for pictures on your blog.


MargaretR said...

I haven't played with tissue paper for ages and yours are so beautiful you have inspired me to take mine out. Thanks for sharing.
That rich black gold and red is a beaut.

Carol said...

Hi Margaret,

I had forgotten how much fun it was myself. I look forward to seeing your creations.

I have enjoy reading your blog - so inspiring.