Sunday, 27 August 2006

More experiments... notice NO purple!

I used black tissue as the background here. I painted it with Golden course pumice gel and then a deep red acrylic paint and sprinkled gold embossing powder over it, heated with a heat gun and voila! This is a very rich coloured piece and I love it.
This is just red tissue with Stewart Gill metamica green paint with gold embossing powder.
This is simply red tissue glued to cartridge paper, painted with a deeper red and black drizzled on top when the red was still wet.
White tissue scrunched and glued to cartridge paper. I painted some gesso randomly over it before painting with blue and drizzled green. I might add more to this but I wanted it to dry before I did.


Carol said...

Ooh Carol,
These are all gorgeous, I am in play mode at the moment, and this has made me want to rush to the paints and papers

Carol said...

Hi Carol,

I am in play mode today - well I earned it since I did all the housework yesterday - I should have piccies either later today or tomorrow. Not more of the same this is different.

Enjoy playing. BTW I am going to work on your fabric tomorrow :)