Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Nearly finished .....

I didn't go out today in the end. Slipped and fell in the shower this morning. Gashed my foot, have a huge bruise on my shin and my hip also has a large bruise. It was stupid really, my own fault. I forgot to take my new shampoo in, came outto get it and it was as I was going back in I slipped - ouch!!!!!! So I stayed home. I could have gone out but it was an excuse really to stay home and sew!!!!!

The result is that I have all but finished my little quilt. I have used bleach discharged fabric. I had a nice blue piece of cotton and thought I would see what colour it discharged. Different colours discharge different colours, fascinating - did that last sentence make sense? The blue fabric discharged pink, very cool.

The right hand side is a piece of my hand dyed fabric. It started out fuschia and I painted on some blueprint chemicals (DH made them up for me) and laid some skeleton leaves and another twiglet and left it in the sun to blueprint (or should that be pink print?). I just finished quilting it and now have to bind and label it. I will do that as I sit quietly watching TV with DH this evening.

Dinner was good last night, it was a late night, well late for me but the time flew by. Before I knew it, it was midnight - fellow quilter so that says it all really.

DH went out and bought a dehumidifer for the log cabin. It's been a little humid lately and I my painted papers for my course were feeling a little damp. DH has been on at me to get one for ages but I kept saying no - I bowed to pressure in the end - oh! and common sense .

I received an email from one of my former students today. When I say former I have to tell you I taught a Lone Star class about 3 years ago at the local patchwork shop. One day a month for 4 months. I had beginners through to experienced quilters in that class and they all made a quilt but most made TWO!

Anyway Effie was saying that she had her quilt hanging in the lounge in her home in Edinburgh and when she moved to Kinross she hung it in the lounge of her new house. She is a member of Cleish WRI (Womens' Rural Institute). and they were having an exhibition and she was asked to take a piece of her work. At the last minute she took the Lone Star quilt from the wall and entered it in the show. On Saturday morning she walked into the tent and she said she was "flabergasted" to find that not only had she won a 1st place in the patchwork section but she had won a cup for best in handicrafts. The Rural have very high standards but I am not surprised she won as her quilt was stunning. I could feel the excitement in her email. I may still have a picture of her quilt on my PC, if I have I may post a picture.

What a lovely email to receive, it made my day.


Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

I'm sorry to hear about your accident, ouch!!! I could almost feel your pain as I read it.
A day off is always nice, but not if your in pain. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. (I'm sure the sewing helps).'snicker, snicker'

Take care


Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

Good to see you back online. I have been checking your blog watching for your return. I love your drawings.

I'm fine today, a little sore but that will pass. I have been too busy to think about it - best way really.


Tonniece said...

Thanx Carol, and good to hear you are ok.