Thursday, 24 August 2006

Fragmented is finished

It's finished! Yeh! I didn't get it done last night after all as we had unexpected guests arrive. I did, however, spend this morning finishing the quilting, adding a little embellishment, binding, printing and sewing on the label and also put a hanging sleeve on it. It's quite cool I think. Artist's statement is done (such as it is) and it's ready for mailing. I hope it gets there is time.

I added some crystals to it this morning, I love these. I added a few gorgeous ones down part of the right hand side. You can just see them in the first picture. They are a gorgeous blue which match the dyed/sun printed fabric beautifully.
DH has gone off to run his new train for the first time. He has planned on doing that for a while now but he has always put it off. Silly thing he gets so stressed about it. He won second place in the model engineering competition in Harrogate earlier this year with this train. The first time he has entered and it's only his second train. It took him 6 years to build. He spends most days out in his workshop which means I can "play" in mine. I am so proud of him. I am sure it will run just fine. We shall see what he says when he comes back home. It's a special running day for the Edinburgh Society of Model Engineers on Sunday so today is a test run. If he has any slight alterations to make he can do that over the next few days. It's so exciting. He is just so talented to be able to build a steam train from scratch is just amazing.
Quilting Arts magazine has just arrived today so I am off for a read of that and will surely be inspired. Module 5 of my course has gone live and I am about to start that. Funny that I should mention wax rubbings the other day - guess what Module 5 includes? Yep! So guess what I shall be busy with? I must get my last couple of Journal Quilts done. I have set a deadline for the end of this weekend for that. I guess I better get going.
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Dianne said...

Okay love it, you got me with the crystals, loven the shining stuff..
Wish the big guy good luck, sure he doesn't need it. How nice is it your both so creative and have that to share.. You'll have to post a pic of the fabulous train.. Making them calls for great creativity I think, and so much work in them...

Carol said...


I knew you would love the crystals. Love your reunion photos I just can't post comments to your blog for some reason. I thought I had posted 5!!!!! Maybe because I moved to the new Beta version.