Friday, 29 September 2006

Autumn Colours

I joined the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge online through the QuiltArt list. Today the first challenge went up. The theme is Fall. I have been watching the leaves of this creeping ivy turn over the past few weeks. I couldn't resist taking pictures this afternoon. I think they will be ideal for the challenge. I only have a week to do it but they are monthly.
Luckily the quilts are Journal size. Since I have completed my Journal Quilts for the JQ challenge I will just continue making them for the FFAC challenge. I already have an idea in my mind's eye. I was hoping to make a start today but we had a new kitchen fitter in to fix the mess the previous fitter made. If I tell you the kitchen was delivered on 11 May and we only today got it finished to our satisfaction you will have some idea of what kind of summer we have had! Anyway I won't go there it's done now - oh! except for the redecoration of the dining room where he put his hammer through the wall! Enough said. So I won't get started until tomorrow. I really wanted to go to Glasgow to the Burrell collection as they have a quilt sampler exhibition on at the moment. Saturdays are not good for going into Glasgow so I will leave that until next week. Sunday I hope to go to the quilt show at Ingliston. I need Bubble Jet Set and I also need some Warm and Natural wadding. This is a rather lovely wrought iron plant stand I just had to photograph. Amongst all those lovely small flowers is a SUNFLOWER! Right at the very top. You can just see it near the chimney in the photograph.
Here's a closeup. A miniature sunflower can you believe it.

I didn't get into the studio today. Well I went in to paint some wood and add some embossing powder to it. It's drying and will be ready for me tomorrow. I am about finished my little project. I think I am going to make another one.

Class was good yesterday. I have two new students. Not new to quilting but new to my class. We have been moved to what was the creche! It's a nice self-contained space. We will have access to a few sewing machines, ironing board etc which will be great and means I don't have to carry a sewing machine. I take lots of stuff to class and it's quite a handfull if I have to take a sewing machine as well. Having one available if I need it will be just great. Actually there are 6 machines so we can share them.

Well I had better go make dinner. I just checked in with my Quilt University students Lesson One goes live tomorrow.


Dianne said...

Ilove the colors in that vine they are loucious.. Your studio looks so good with all the flowers around. I'll be excited for you to do the challenge and CAN"T wait to see what you create..
Hammer through the wall YIKES, this job sound like a nightmare, hope its all over now. Imagine all that going on and you still carry on creating, teaching.. Your are Too Much :):).. Have a great weekend..

Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

What beautiful colors those leaves are. I have been sitting here at the computer looking out my window and the leaves on the fence are turning here too.
I told Dianne the other day I wanted to go pick some and do something with them. Although thecolor is not as deep as yours, they are lovely.

My gosh I think I would be pulling my hair out if I had to wait so long to get my kitchen done to satisfaction, and then to have them damage the dining room wall, well as you say "Enough said".

I know you are busy, so I'll leave you with one last thought.....

Well have a good night

Carol said...

Thank you girls.

Dianne I think I am going to do something in Paint Shop Pro with the leaf pictures for the challenge, still thinking about that.


Can I see a picture from your window. I am imagining your view but would love to see it.

I laughed when I read about my studio. Silly girl LOL. We don't need studios to create beautiful things, any space any where is all we need.

Have a wonderful weekend,