Thursday, 28 September 2006

Just a quick visit

These are some of my designs I did for my City & Guilds course. The source for each of these was the manipulated paper exercise and I also used some of the painted tissue and papers for the backgrounds. This was torn and woven strips of paper. The dark and light are quite natural. I didn't think I would get anywhere with the manipulations I had done but this is pretty cool. I used the kaleidoscope filter for the top layer.
Having experimented with Notan designs for the past little while I created a notan in paper for this design. I did a bit of manipulating to get the persective, circle I think it's called. The background is the baking painted baking foil I did for a previou activity in the course.
Again I used one of my painted papers and added a filter to it. The kaleidoscope design was created from a simple diamond. Once again I used the Notan samples and added a little bit of red fill. The paper samples were all done in white!

I have little time today. Just had lunch and am about to go pack the car for class. I seem to be chasing my tail at the moment. I just need to get into a routine with my classes and all will be back to normal. Just when I think I am well organised something comes along to rock the boat, upsets my equilibrium. Still you didn't drop by to hear me whine. I seldom whine really there's little point.


Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

I love them all, but the kaleidoscope is great. Sounds like a lot of work to do these, but oh the rewards when you see it finished.
The last one reminds me of a peacock, with all thier wonderful colors. (This one would make a great teabag design).

I'm sure you'll get a routine going soon, and all won't seem so hectic.

Have a good day

Dianne said...

These are gorgeous,I too love the kaleidosocope, the foil background is brilliant ooww love the Nortan
the last ones background looks like a reptile leather so cool.
You seem to have done enough for your busy life.. I'm now working on a special project so can't post about it, shame (hehehe)
these are very inspirational...

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece and Dianne,

Glad you like the PSP images. I hadn't thought of using the design as a teabag design but you are right Tonniece it may well look good.

I too am working on a special project, how coincidental! LOL Actually I am all but finished mine. I just have some embellishing to do.

Take care you guys and have a lovely day.

I am off to check in with my QU students class opened yesterday.


suzanne said...

Hi Carol,
The kaleidoscope is wonderful, and I also think the last one looks like peacock feathers, I want to do that tea bag folding. Tonniece says its easy, right when you know how it is.
Have a great weekend.

Carol said...

Hi Suzanne,

If you want to do the tea bag folding then you should. You are right things are easy to do when you know how - but guess what most things are easy!

Have a restful and wonderful weekend.