Friday, 15 September 2006

Indian Summer?

It has been a gorgeous day today. The sun has been shining and the skies are lovely and blue. Not a cloud in the sky. It's quite a difference from yesterday when the skies were grey and it rained non-stop. Everything is so lovely and fresh. I overdyed some of my fabrics earlier this week and washed and popped them in the tumble dryer yesterday. They are ironed and I packed them away so I will have to wait until later in the weekend to post pictures. They are gorgeous! Here's are a couple of the silk hankies I dyed and overdyed. I love them. I am going to make some silk paper with them to make more books. Anyone want to trade? Dianne?
A couple of days ago I was experimenting with photo transfer using golden gel medium. My first one was great compared to the others I tried. I didn't think it was that good until I tried doing some more. I think I need to experiment a little more. I like the effect you get, but I don't like the way is changes the hand of the fabric - a bit plastic for my liking. However you have to try these things to know don't you? In the end I printed a few images from my trip to Lindisfarne (Holy Island) on fabric. Together with one good transparency/gel image transfer I have a few for a new quilt! I was inspired by a quilt in one of Sandra Meech's book. She had a whole piece of fabric (hand dyed or painted) with pictures applied and then then quilted. I was reminded of Sandra's book when I read Sandy Marcoux blog. I also bought the new one when Sandy mentioned it.

My Surfacing round robin fabric arrived home today. I love it. Thank you Carol, Diane and Kate. This has been a wonderful experience. I am not sure what to do with the fabric yet. There was a suggestion when the RR began that we might cut it up into 4 pieces and we can each have a reminder of the RR. I think that's a great idea although I will find it difficult cutting this piece!

I just finished another three of my PSP lessons. Wow! I am loving it. Well I had better go and make dinner.


Dianne said...

Trade, you betcha yahoooo.
I'd love to have a book you make with that lovley silk, and I can make a special one for you..
The quilt is gonna be beautiful,love the pics from the Holy Island, its looking good already.
The RR look gorgeous, I'd find it hard to cut it up too, but it is a great idea having a piece of everyones.. You could make it into an art quilt in your oh so talented way...

Carol said...

Hey there Dianne,

That's brilliant news (about the trade). When you said you would have traded had you not offered your book on LMT I was a little disappointed. I hate missing a trade opportunity! To have a piece of your art here will be wonderful.

OK - what is your favourite colour and I will work from there - I already have ideas in my head for it.

Thank you for making my day.