Saturday, 16 September 2006


I had a busy morning this morning. Housework, of course, organising dinner etc. Boring but essential.

However, I managed to choose the 5 Journal Quilts I am sending to Houston. I need to get them in the mail soon as they have to arrive by September 29. It takes about 7 days for them to arrive so I need to add a little extra just to make sure they get there in time.

I put labels on them, put on the hanging sleeve - that's a pain but it's done. Another label on the sleeve as well. I took photographs of my last 5 Journal Quilts and printed them as they need to go in with the 5 journals I am sending. I did my artist's statement and stitched that to the sleeve. It's a long hanging sleeve to accommodate the 5 quilts and the statement. That statement was easy enough as it just details the techniques I tried. So that's done. I will mail them on Monday when I go and do my shopping.

I had to redo my PSP Lesson 7. I got that a little mixed up yesterday and couldn't understand where I went wrong. Tried 4 times and must have made the same mistake 4 times! Well I am nothing if not consistent! I went through it this morning from scratch with no problem at all - found out where I went wrong which was great. Sent it off to my Tutor and it's fine now. Phew! I learned more by making so many mistakes - isn't it always the way?

I mentioned the other day that I was unahppy with some of my fabric dye experiments. The one above is the original colours that came out of the dye bath. I quite like this one but four pieces were really RED and I mean RED! I overdyed them and here are some of the results. They were gradations of colour so some were more red than others and some had more yellow.
This one had fuschia added. The photograph doesn't show the light yellow touches. It's quite nice.
This one had Procion blue added. It has come out a lovely turquoise and purple/red.

These are sheets of Abaca tissue I added to the dye bags. They came out a completely different colour from what I expected. I had more pictures to show you - must have missed them. I will post a few more if blogger allows me.


CalicoDaydreams said...

I love the fuschia!

Your butterfly postcards are beautiful too.