Sunday, 17 September 2006

Inspired by a sample piece of fabric

I was looking at the gorgeous round robin fabric last night just enjoying it. In the package that arrived was the memory book that we created. It details the thought processes and the techniques by each fibre artist. It's wonderful to read everyones reaction at first seeing the fabric when it arrived. I sent a sample piece of the hand dyed fabric with my RR fabric for experimental purposes. It arrived back with the fabric and it was so beautiful I wondered what I could do with it. I needed to do something with it.

As I was watching X-factor last night an idea came to me. Since I don't know yet whether we will be sharing the RR fabric I thought I would make a fabric postcard for each RR member and one for the memory book from the sample fabric. I couldn't wait to get to my studio this morning. Norman is away to a photography course for the day so I have the day to myself, no guests, no phones. I applied a large Angelina fibre butterfly to the one above.

Since Carol McPhee added butterflies and dragonflies to the RR fabric I decided to add Angelina fibre butterflies to two postcards. Why only 2? Well when I was preparing for the Festival of Quilts demonstration I made extra Angelina butterflies and they fitted in well with the fabric so I used them.
I also had a Celtic design made in Angelina fibres so I appliqued that to another of the postcards.
This one is for the memory book. I haven't added anything to it. Just layered, quilted and satin stitched around the edge. The satin stitch settings I use are 4mm wide by 0.35 mm wide. This gives a beautiful satin stitch. I used a Topstitch No 14 needle. Topstitch are great and I use them for most everything. They are tough enough, yet fine, to penetrate the Fast2fuse that I always use for my fabric postcards and the thread, I was using rayon, doesn't fray or break. Stitching slowly also helps. I often see people whizzing along and they more often than not have to stop and rethread.

I am due to teach a fabric postcard class on 25 September to my Quilt Guild so will keep them for show and tell and then I will mail them off. I think that's a good use of fabric, do you?


Dianne said...

I love this idea they'll all get a lovely piece back, nice...
I could just picture in the studio creating the post cards, the one for the memory book looks like in space.. Like it traveled around the world perfect... Don't you love it when an idea comes together:)
Lucky Norman I loveeee photography.

Carol said...

I loved that piece of the fabric Dianne, it too gave me the impression of a much travelled piece which it was - Scotland, Wales, UK; Cyprus and America - almost as well travelled as I am!

Have a great day,