Thursday, 21 September 2006

Just a quick visit

I have had a busy day already. I only had an hour in the studio this morning before heading to the hairdresser. DH drove me in to Bathgate and then we went shopping into Edinburgh. I love chatting with Irene my hairdresser. We go back 19 years! She's just back from a holiday in Egypt and had a wonderful time. I like to get everything done when I am out rather than go out every day - I HATE shopping. Well I like fabric and thread and paints and, and, and ....... shopping, well you know what it's like.

It was supposed to be dreadful weather today and judging by the news this morning on Breakfast TV it certainly didn't look like it was going to be nice weather. However it is gorgeous and so warm. Blue skies and the wind has gone, I do love this time of the year.

I did manage to get some painted papers done this morning. I painted the above paper with the left over paints from some copper and brass shim I was painting. I did a few different colours this is just one using Indian inks. It's for a special project I am working on but I can't show or tell because the lady in question reads my blog!

The paper above was another experiment for my C&G course. I already did the rubbings Activity but I am busy designing in PSP and really wanted some more backgrounds other than those I already did. Funny really it's not until you actually work through the activities you realise what is required. Instead of using wax crayons like I did before I used a candle. I got a much better rubbing that way. The rubbing was taken from my bird bath in the garden. I covered the first rubbing with a wash of red and black Indian ink. I then did another wax rubbing and repainted with the inks.
I took a rubbing of a nice wooden block I bought in Birmingham at Festival of Quilts. I love these blocks as they are brought over from Foreign parts from the people who use them for printing fabrics. The guy I bought them from said they would be used as fire wood if he hadn't bought them from him. Imagine burning them - well I guess if needs must. I am glad he saved them.
This is another rubbing from the bird bath. Once again I used red and black. Twice waxed and twice painted. The colours in the picture are rather pink whereas in real life they are a rich burnt red colour.


platitudinal said...

I love the first and the last painting. The first with its soft green and yellow color combination evoke the imagination of dryads and other fantasy woodland creatures (the pretty ones :) While the last boldly grabs the attention with its dramatic color scheme and pattern that compliments it.

*I gather you've been far too busy to take out your knitting needles?

Dianne said...

Wow you can do wonders in an hour.
Okay I love the rubings, beautiful bird bath:):).. I have never painted with ink, so they are differnt colores indian inks?
Another ? are the candles colored, you are so creative.. Love it..

Carol said...

Hi Lucy,

You know what I think you can read my mind. I had visions of mysterious fantasy creatures whilst I was painting these papers. I guess it was from the new book I am reading!!!!! I am thinking I will have a fairy theme - I adore fairies.

No knitting needles out yet BUT I have looked out the yarn - pictures later.


Carol said...


Having a studio set up and ready means I can go in do a little bit of painting or whatever, go away and do other things and come back to everything as I left it. It's amazing what you can get done in a little while. I usually think about what I am going to do when doing mundane things like vacuuming!

More on Indian inks on my blog just for you.


Tonniece said...

I do love the rubbings Carol. And the colors are fantastic. I also didn't know that the indian inks came in different colors haveing never used them personally.

Oh and nice job on you PSP picture of your cat.

Have a great day