Sunday, 10 September 2006


I don't have many UFOs but this is one of them! (The only other one is a Bargello jacket I didn't finish). I started this in a class I took with Libby Lehman at Lake Tahoe, California. I decided to try out her new applique ideas. It's reverse applique with couched threads around each piece.
A little out of focus this picture but you get the idea. I used a new basting glue I had never tried before which is just wonderful. It temporarily keeps the thread or ribbon in place whilst you couch it. It's great for those twists and turns as you can concentrate on stitching as you have already placed the threads in position. I stitched using mono filament thread through the needle and bobbinfil in the bobbin. I also had totally stable on the back and that is what I used for the applique design. The central lines are satin stitch using a variegated thread.
Here it is just waiting for some applique shapes on the top. Overlapping shears is what Libby did and I think I will do the same. I looked out the shears this morning, some nice tulle I bought from eQuilter in gorgeous colours. I also have some crystal organza but that might just be a little too heavy. We shall see.


Dianne said...

Hey Girly
This is so lovely even a little out of focus, can't wait to see what you add to this..
Its hard to believe you have any UFOs you are always creating.. You are TOO MUCH!! as we say in Canada

Carol said...

Hi Dianne,

It's still on my design wall waiting for inspirsation ... oh! and time.