Sunday, 1 October 2006

The background for the FFAC Challenge

I thought I would let you see the back of the felt piece I have been making. Details on what I did is in the next post.This is the background for the FFAC quilt. I used a hand dyed piece of velvet, a gorgeous orange/red/rust piece. I painted a piece of Bondaweb (wunder under) with silk paints in red, yellow and blue. I let the paints run into each other. Left it to dry and then ironed it to the velvet.
I then covered the bondaweb/velvet with throwsters waste. It's silk fibres which are very fine. These too are hand dyed in colours that match the velvet. I covered the whole thing with a piece of chiffon. The chiffon scarves you can buy are the best for this. I then stitched over the whole piece at 1/4" intervals and set to it with the heat gun. The colours of the throwsters waste, painted bondaweb and velvet can be seen shining through where the chiffon was burnt away. This is ready for the addition of the leaves and some hand dyed silk rods - well that's what I am thinking at the moment. This piece is coming together all by itself - no planning on my part!

I better go make dinner! Sigh!


Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

This is looking wonderful.
Love the colors.
I read this morning really fast, what you had done, but didn't have time to post. Now I'm glad I did'nt, or I would have missed this post.

As I am learning the methods and all the ins and outs of the different piece you do I am awe struck. I now know that all you stitchers have the patience of Jobe.

I never knew before just how much wk. went into creating and makeing these pieces of art, and now that I do know, I have the utpost respect and appreciation.

NOW.... when I go to art shows or fairs, I will have some knowledge of the wk., effort, and love that goes into each piece.

Thanks for shareing so much of your wk. and yourself to all of us.

Happy stitching

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

Thank you for your kind words. I am certainly blessed with patience. However, you put just as much work, love and patience into your art we just use different mediums.

I am teaching both online and in-person at the moment so I need to rush.

I have auditioned those leaves and am not too sure about it.

I will post a picture - let me know what you think.


platitudinal said...

Each step is so intricate!
It takes patience, inspiration, skill, and great talent to create a masterpiece.

Carol said...

Thanks Luci.