Monday, 2 October 2006

What do you think?

Well I completely misinterpreted the Challenge rules it would seem. Fall and Depth was my understanding but there was a little paragraph further down that I read but misinterpreted. I thought it was just explaining depth and what you could do to portray depth. It seems it was compulsory to applique something to the quilt! Oh! well. I had decided not to do that with this piece so now I will have to.

I heated and painted copper shim. Cut it into a long rectangle and cut slits into it. I weaved a piece of the background that was surplus. I then applied some gold leaf to the copper shim to enhance the fall colours. I painted the background and the shim with some gold powder using Ormaline as the base. It is dry now and looks OK. It's quite a rich coloured piece and I love it. Now for the leaves. Do they work? I am not sure. The purples in the leaves are also in the background as I used a blue/purple chiffon and so there is a tinge of purple. I think the leaves "lift" the purple/blue in the background. Not sure if they work or not. I have time to just leave them and see what transpires over the next few days. I would appreciate some feedback.


Shelina said...

I love all the shadings of color you have on this piece. It is beautiful.

Joanna van said...

Hi Carol,

Just recently found your blog, love your work. The leaves and the background look beautiful together. I love the look of the texture you achieved with the copper background.


Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

Well it works for me.
The piece looked good all by itself, but the leaves give a lift to the colors and add to the texture as well.


Carol said...

Hi girls,

Thank you so much for your kind words. I finished it this morning!