Monday, 16 October 2006

Beautiful Gifts in the mail today

I opened my mail this morning and there were two little treasures in there. This one is from Sue Reno in PA, I just love it.
This one is from liz Berg, CA, such a striking card. I love the satin stitch in varying widths - cool. They are two wonderful artists and I am so thrilled to have another piece of their art.

It was cold in the studio this morning, a little frost around outside. I put the heater on and was planning on going in there this morning but I got caught up with other things. I also did some research for my C&G and Printmaking courses. Luckily this module for C&G is all about printmaking! I couldn't have planned it better could I? I seem to be all stitched out for the moment. I do get like that sometimes especially when I have been working on so many different things as I have been this past little while. A lull before the storm so to speak. Are you like that? I often wonder how other people work. I no longer worry about it I just take it as it comes.


Tonniece said...

Well, all I can say is your lulls are well worth it. It gives that oh so active mind and those talented fingers a rest. Only to create another stunning pice.

What a nice way to start your day, these cards are lovely.


Shelina said...

Your box and book are beautiful, as are the cards. Isn't it amazing all the different ways you can make something - and still turn out something so beautiful?