Monday, 16 October 2006

She likes it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne that is! She likes it. Phew! Here's the book and box I made for her. It's a memory book. I thought I would make something a little different since she already makes beautiful books. I decided at the last minute to make a box for it so that it would travel safely through the mail. Well I am a box maker after all (you can see some on my website).
The spine is made from wooden dowels that I painted with Textile Paint in lavendar which I mixed with a pearleascent powder to give a colour that closely matches the book fabric. Before painting the wood I sharpened the ends with a pencil sharpener. I added the gold coloured findings to each end. I made some Angelina fibre "beads" and put them on the centre of the wooden dowels and then "wrapped" with yarn. The gold findings I found in my stash. I am a tassel maker and I use these for the ends of the tassels. I think they just finished off the wooden dowels quite well.

The book is made from pelmet vilene covered with batiks in various colours. I made a sheet of silk paper and a sheet of Angelina fibre for the front of the book and I also put some angelina fibres on the back cover of the book. I painted and embossed copper shim and added some accent beads through a stencil for the front and free motion stippled quilted them. Dianne loves sparkly things and so I added some Swarzovski crystals and some other metal "beads" to the book.
The outside of the box is covered with handpainted/sun printed fabric. A lovely pink sparkly fabric which I frayed at the edges is layered on top and again I brought the copper and accent beads into the box design. The stencil design is just a little different from the one on the book.

This was a joy to make and I am so glad she likes it.


Tonniece said...

I would have to bind her up and committ her if she did love this.
Wow very beautiful Carol.


Love it


Tonniece said...

Sorry Carol

I was just looking at it again and gosh I really really love it.

Can't wait till you get yours also.

Have a great day Carol

sue b said...

Gorgeous! I can't believe you thought she might not like it. It's fabulous.

platitudinal said...

This book is breathtakingly beautiful. The box is lovely as well. What a special gift it is.

Tina said...

This is beautiful - absolutely amazing!

Tina said...

I would love to be able to try something like this myself (maybe not so ambitious though!). Can you recommend any good books/websites on the subject? Thanks!

Leanne Hurren said...

Absolutely gorgeous Carol. Really beautiful colours and so sparkly - yum. How do you make Angelina beads? Also love the idea of accent beads through a stencil. I have 2 packs of those beads and had no idea what to do with them - I do now!

suzanne said...

Hi Carol,
Wow tis a thing of beauty,and you know Dianne would love it, the box fab.

Carol said...

Hi Girls,

Thank you all for your kind words. I will put up a little How To later today or tomorrow to show how I make beads with various material.


Joanna van said...

This book is incredible. I love all the blended color combinations and texture.


Carol said...

Carol, this is beautiful, how could she not like it.

Dianne said...

My dear friend,
Like it, I LOOOOOVE it.. I knew anything you would make would be beautiful, but you have outdone yourself this time.. I was flabbergasted, Sandy and I couldn't stop ouwing and awing at the beautiful box and your book.. Believe me I felt the love you put into it and I can't thank you enough, my heart is full and I am truly bless with this gift you made me.. When I saw yours I didn't even want to send you my book, but I'm glad you like it cause it too was made with love..
Have a great week, we'er off to Germany and will be back wed evening, and will check in then..
A BIG thank you again and a HUGH hug for you...

Carol said...

Hi Dianne!!!!!!

I didn't think we would hear from you for ages yet!

Oh! we are both so alike aren't we? When I opened the package you sent I wished I hadn't sent you mine! It's not that I didn't think you would like it Dianne, it was more I hoped it was GOOD enough!

They are both so different, which is wonderful, the similarity is in the love we both put in to making them. Now that's priceless.

Enjoy Germany my well travelled friend.

BTW are you coming back to Cambridge on Wednesday?

Love and huge hugs,