Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Oh! My, How Lucky am I?

No words can convey the absolute joy I felt when I opened this package sent to me by my dear friend Dianne. Just think, it was made in her studio in Canada and now sits in my lounge here in Scotland - pride of place I have to say. When I tell you I have never seen a hand made book in real life, only pictures on the internet as I researched books for my trade with Dianne, you will understand my joy when I opened it. Each page held a new surprise. It brings my heart to my mouth as I look at it and enjoy the tremendous amount of work and love she has put in to making this book for me. Wow! I fell blessed to have it. Dianne you are amazing! (She's in Spain but will read this when she returns home).
Isn't this amazing? So beautifully made. It's covered with her own rust dyed fabrics - too gorgeous for words. I am not sure of the technical terms for the way she has put the signatures together but it is done beautifully with such talent and care.
As I turned each page I found some more treasures all made by her. Each pocket held another surprise.
Aren't they gorgeous? I shall share more pictures with you later. I am off to enjoy it some more. Thank you Dianne you are one amazingly generous and talented lady.


sue b said...

oh my gosh what an absolute treasure that is. How lucky you are to have such a wonderful gifted friend.

Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

Oh boy another beauty. They are both so great. I have seen yours in the flesh, now I just can't wait to see Diannes and hold it.
You are both so talented.


Carol said...

How wonderful, what a lovely gift

platitudinal said...

What a beautiful book. And, it's personalized too with your name. That just adds a special touch to it. :)