Friday, 20 October 2006

Beads, Beads, Beads .....

Ooops! How times flies. The last couple of days have just flown by. We received a card from Borders books to say the book DH ordered for me was in and sooooooo we just had to go into Glasgow didn't we? Needless to say a short trip ended up a whole day. I love Borders books .... their new Hot Chocolate is yummy! ..... and I am sure they love Norman and I. DH got some new Mac books and I got some new craft books. The Complete Natural Dyeing Guide was the one Norman ordered for me. I had been saying that I should really use natural dyes with the rust experiments. No sooner said than the book arrived (he's so kind). I wish I hadn't cleared the garden of the marigolds etc I could have used them. Oh! well it was brown bin day (garden refuge) and I took the opportunity of tidying up the garden.

I couldn't resist Felt to Stitch either, yummy. In the sale section there was a huge book on Fairies which Norman found and will be a great source of inspiration.

In response to a question about how I made the Angelina fibre beads I thought I would put together a little tutorial on how I make beads in various media.

Tyvek beads:

First of all I paint a sheet of light tyvek. You can buy A4 (8 1/2" x 11") sheets of tyvek in three weghts Light, Medium and Heavy. I have only painted one side of the sheet. As you will see later when the tyvek is heated it curls up and the white from the reverse shows through. If you didn't want to see the white just paint both sides. The reverse isan't complete white with this sheet as the paint has gone through to the back of the sheet in some places - you still get the white though.
I then take my rotary cutter and ruler and cut a long triangle. The base of the triangle is the size of the finished bead. (Scissors would do the job but since I use a rotary cutter in my quilting I find it easier.)I then take a metal knitting needle. The gauge of the needle will be the size of the hole of the bead. (I hope that makes sense). A wooden BBQ stick would do the job. Wooden would probably be better actually since we are going to be heating this with a heat gun. However it just gets heated for a little while and not long enough for the needle to get hot - it's never been a problem for me but it's wise to keep an eye out in case it does get hot.
Once the tyvek is wrapped around nice and tightly heat with a heat gun. Moving the heat gun around the "bead" and you will see it shrink and curl up - wondeful! When working with heat tools, heat gun, mini clover iron, hot stencil cutter and the like I always work on baking parchment since it doesn't burn.Voila! Here are some beads I made earlier - years ago actually! Although the basic bead I showed you was just the tyvek you can make them really nice by wrapping some coloured wires around the bead before you start heating it. Once heated the wire gets embedded into the tyvek.


Tonniece said...

WOW Carol, great tutorial, and you make it look so easy.
Oh my gosh. Something else for me to try. I am doing so many things at once and getting nothing done at all. LOL
After reading about them on here, I looked them up and it said you can do it with regular paper also. Have you done that? and if so do they look as good?

Well thanks for shareing this.
Have a great weekend

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

Of course you can make them with regular paper - painted paper would be great! Check out my previous posts about painted paper.

They look great if you burn the edges. Just take a little night light type candle, keep a dish of water beside you and a damp cloth, not wet, and singe away.

I also used bondaweb (wonder under) applied to silk (or any other fabric) and cut the triangle and then burn the edges. I have some pictures of the silk ones I may post them to my blog. I burnt the edges of these and they look great!

I know what you mean about lots of things on the go and nothing getting done - we are in the same place today you and I!

Have a great weekend.


Leanne Hurren said...

Thanks for that tutorial Carol - have to add this to my to do list. I have made paper beads in this way but not tyvek or angelina.