Friday, 20 October 2006

Angelina beads

I started with three different colours of "Hot Fix" Angelina fibres. The hot fix fibres stick together when heated, the standard ones do not. You can, of course, mix hot fix with standard. I sandwich the standard ones between layers of hot fix to make sure they "stick" together. The angelina fibres don't fuse to fabric. You can use misty fuse, bondaweb (wonder under) or bonding granules (Supermend in the UK) to fuse the angelina fibres to fabric.
I spread a thin layer of each colour onto a piece of baking parchment.

Cover the fibres with a further piece of baking parchment. You will see I have laid this on top of a cutting mat to take the picture. I DO NOT iron the fibres on this mat. I take it to the ironing board and with the iron set on a wool setting I iron the angelina/baking parchment sandwich for a few seconds. If you iron the fibres for too long you knock back the sparkly fibres and you loose the colour!
Remove the sheet from the baking parchment and you have a sheet of Angelina. I added this to Dianne's book covers. It adds a subtle sparkle effect.
To make the bead I cut a long triangle from the angelina sheet and wound this around a metal knitting needle (you could use a wooden kebab stick) just as I did with the Tyvek beads in an earlier post to this blog. Once the triangle was fully wound I touched the end gently with the tip of the iron to seal it. Voila! An angelina bead.