Friday, 20 October 2006

Easy peasy beads

Blogger wouldn't let me post any more pictures earlier. I mentioned wires that I use in my work and around the tyvek beads. Here you can see a selection of the types and colours available.
These are the easiest beads to make. Take a paper tissue, wet it, squeeze out the excess water and wrap it around a knitting needle or kebab stick. Leave it to dry. You can paint and embellish it. These are two drying out. If you paint them after they are dry make sure your paint is not too wet. Sorry about the picture it's a little out of focus (nothing like stating the obvious is there). Even with a digital camera set on auto you never know what you are going to get do you?

Another not so good photograph. I backed some hand dyed silk with fusible web. Cut the triangle and then burnt the edges. It gives a lovelt subtle effect. (So subtle you can't see it in the picture DUH!) Squint a little and you will see what I mean, maybe!


Helen in the UK said...

You've gone bead crazy!! Love the Tyvek ones and the angelina ones and .... Great ideas, thanks for sharing :)