Sunday, 22 October 2006

I tweaked the fairy's wings!

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't get an awful lot done in the studio. I was trying out some monoprinting for the Printmaking 101 class without much success really. Well if you consider that I learned a lot about what NOT to do then there was a little success, I guess.

Anyway this morning after the housework etc I came out and remembered Dianne saying I should tweak the fairy's wings if I felt my muse had deserted me. Dianne sent me this lovely little fairy when she sent my book. Well here's the fairy on the wall right in front of my sewing machine. I tweaked her wings and sat and waited..... I tidied the studio a little. A little while had passed and I was hit with an idea. Fabric postcards using some of the textured gels. I need to get my ART2MAIL cards finished soon and I thought this might be a good idea for them. My little fairy came to my aid in the end! Thank you Dianne, she's lovely.
I have collected a few various gels. Here are a selection.I cut some 3" X 5" pieces of pelmet vilene and painted little areas with the various gels. Once they are dry I will paint them with silk paints, acrylic paints and maybe some watercolour to see what the different effects are.

I have used Liquitex Black Lava texture gell on this one and scored through it with a knitting needle.

This is a lovely gel, I use this one quite a lot. It's Liquitex Glass Beads Texture Gel. Once again I painted it onto the pelmet Vilene and scored it with a knitting needle. It's difficult, pretty impossible really, to stitch through the gel once it has dried. The scoring allows areas to be stitched when I want to apply these to the background fabric postcard. I haven't decided on that yet this is a work in progress.
I use Golden Course Pumice for this one.
Golden Garnet Gel (course) for this little sample. I hope you can see the various textures. I have also used these through stencils to good effect - just like the accent beads. I decided not to use a stencil this time around. It's always nice to try something different.

Also in the package Dianne sent were these two packets of Koolaid. Now I am quite sure she didn't send me them to make a drink! I think I have heard you can use these to dye fabric. Is that right? Does anyone have any experience of these?


Tonniece said...

That is the cutest fairy, and I love how her wings move.
Dianne will be so thrilled it got you motivated. LOL

These works in progress are looking pretty good already, such a different texture to them all.
Thank goodness I have no gel or that would be yet another project started and not finished.

The freshie does dye fabric, but you don't get a dark rich color. Well, you can get it deeper ,but I think you would need a lot.
I do believe Suzanne has done freshie dyeing and might be able to tell you more.


juanita sim said...

There are some good tutorials on dyeing with KoolAid here and here. You could also sift through these flickr shots as some of them might lead you back to instructions of some sort. KoolAid dyeing is fun, and great to do with kids, although it dyes wool and silk so well that it makes one start to wonder if human being should really be ingesting this stuff.