Saturday, 7 October 2006

The Burrell Collection

We had a lovely day out yesterday with a visit to The Burrell Collection in Glasgow. It is set in s lovely park and the building itself is beautiful. It is so quiet and peaceful, I just love visiting here and we visit regularly. It was a beautiful day which made all the difference.

The back of the building faces into woods. Gorgeous! I also got contact details of the Textile curator for the museum. I have to collect this information as part of my studies for the Quilt Judging course I start later this month. I am off to the National Museum of Scotland next week to so some more research on the textile curator there as well and make contact. Paisley museum is also one I want to visit and that should cover at least some of the resources round and about that I need.I took many photographs and may post some more later. Here is a 17th century bowl. I can just imagine recreating something similar using water soluble fabric, Romeo or the like, it was just so beautifully made.
Meet "The Shopping Lady". There were one or two of these beautiful dolls for sale in the museum shop and I couldn't resist this one. Ironic really since I hate shopping so much.


Tonniece said...

Good morning Carol

Wow sounds as if you and hubby had a great day along with the beautiful weather.

That bowl is gorgeous, and yes I too can see you recreating it.

As for the doll, she's a beaut, I too hate shopping but boy oh boy I love it when I get home and go through all my goodies, and that doll would have probably ended up in my bag also. (LOL)

Well good to see you back, I know how busy you are, but missed you these past few days.

Have a great weekend

After seeing your last quilt and hearing how you've preserved them, I DID go out and pick a few of those leaves, and have applied the glue to them last night.
Fingers crossed that they stay as fresh as yours did.
Thanks for the tip.


Dianne said...

Hey You busy woman, oh I'm so glad you share these outing with us, since we have nothing like that over here. Wow I love that bowl..
I also looove the tray I love trays don't know why but I do, imagine making one like that..
So you love boxes good to know:):)
Have a great weekend.. Your photos are fine we can see it all, thanks for sharing with us.. Please tell DH a Big hello from Canada..