Saturday, 7 October 2006

More from the Burrell

I am having one of thoe days. I have spent the morning trying to do my three Paint Shop Pro lessons and for the life of me I cannot get two of them to work! I have tried everything. I haven't attempted the third lesson, maybe tomorrow. The week break might not have been such a good idea. It is some consolation that I am not alone, others are experiencing the same problems. Tomorrow is another day, as they say.

Anyway Blogger doesn't seem to want me to upload images either! I managed to get another two loaded. The tapestries at the Burrell are a sight to behold. This is one of them. It was a little dark in the room they are housed but I got a pretty good picture.

I have posted a picture of a bowl. Well this tray was lying next to it. It is quite stunning. The workmanship is something else.
I love boxes and have made many but these caskets are quite remarkable. Mid 17th century and they look wonderful. Sorry the picture doesn't do it justice. It's in a glass case and I tried to get a decent picture without the reflection. Norman took some with his Nikon Digital SLR and he put a polarising filter on so his photographs may be better. He's out boiler making (of the steam train variety) today so I will need to wait until he gets back to see what he has by way of pictures.

I had some wonderful news at the class I teach on Thursday afternoon. One of the things I teach is a sampler quilt. My friend Maureen who is a student in my class entered her king sized sampler in the quilt show at Ingliston and came FIRST! This is her first time of entering in a quilt show. I was so proud of her. She had it quilted by another friend of ours, Dianne from Lochearnhead, who has a longarm quilting business.

I need to go do some laundry and clean this house! I can then relax and enjoy a couple of new books I bought at Borders Bookshop. I love that place (did I say I hate shopping?) I love shopping for quilty things though. Anyway I bought Three-Dimensional Embroidery by Janet Edmonds, here is a gorgeous doll in there made from a wire armature and wrapped beads - watch out for one of these on my blog!

The other book is Creative Sketchbooks for Embroiderers and Textile Artists by Kay Greenlees. My City & Guilds course work would benefit from this I am sure. I feel I should work more methodically with my designs. I shall try it and see what happens if it doesn't work for me then I have lost nothing. It msay be that I work better just experimenting as I did with the FFFC quilt I made last week.

Ladies from the Surfacing Group and I are about to embark on an online class with Kristi Schueler. It sounds like a lot of fun. I was thinking I could perhaps use what I learn in my FFFC (Fast Friday Fabric Challenge) quilts. No wonder I don't know where the time goes.

Housework beckons grrrrr!