Wednesday, 11 October 2006

I hope it works this time!

Yesterday I thought I would post some pictures of my latest fabric poscards. I used Picasa, it said it worked with Beta Blogger, well it didn't. I wrote all about the techniques and it said DONE - well as you can see it didn't work. Perhaps it's just as well, I may have posted them already. These images are the C&G work I have been busy with.
Dynamic and static designs. I used some of my painted backgrounds and as you can see with the one above I used the picture I took of the autumn leaves from my garden. The colours are gorgeous don't you think?
I used the painted tin foil background I did a few weeks ago. I love that background which is fairly obvious since I am forever using it.

I managed to get about 20 fabric postcards mailed the other day. These are my ART2MAIL ones. I have a few more almost ready for mailing.

I started the Printmaking 101 course today with Kristi. A few of us from the Surfacing group have signed up to do it together. It should be fun. Some of the techniques I did way back when I did Part 1 C&G and have continued with both on paper and fabric. Some techniques will be new to me. I hope to create some good designs on paper that I can use for my Paint Shop Pro backgrounds for the Creative computing course. I still have some materials to get but I already have most of them. Norman is busy making me a press. He was at the model engineering club last night and apparently he was getting all sorts of advice from his friends on how to make the gears etc!

I have been busy adding the final touches to the book for a very special lady. Yesterday and today I made a little extra thing for her. I shall post pictures later once she receives it. I better remember to take pictures before I pack it to mail to her. Normally I make things, send them off and then wish I had taken pictures!

I have another QU class running at the moment. They are in their second week and are doing wonderful work. I love my teaching both in-person and online, it's so much fun.

I think I have finally decided on the layout for the Lindisfarne quilt. It's been on the design wall for long enough now I think. Perhaps I will get the top done at the weekend.


Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

These are all great designs, I love them. BUT.......... That second one looks like it belongs in my house. LOL Just gorgeous.

That first one looks like a teabag fold to me, and the foil is so unique. Got to give that a try.


Dianne said...

Well Carol,
I have to agree the designs are goreous, I love the leaf one too..
You are so good such inspiration for us..
Well I on the plane in 9 hrs, its a great time, the weather here is cold, they are having snow all around us in Fort Erie, they had such a big storm they have lost their hydro.. Nice time to come over there...

platitudinal said...

Carol, I think you are having too much fun with your course. :)
And, lucky us ... we got to see the fruit of your "fun."

Carol said...

Hi Girls,

Thank you so much. I am enjoying this course. C&G is quite demanding and I learn so much.