Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Painted Gel Medium Postcards

I had a great time painting these pieces for my next batch of fabric postcards. It's the gel mediums I did earlier this week on pelmet vilene. As you can see I used a variety of different colours of silk paints, just to see how they turned out.I thought the green and yellow paint worked well with this gel which, when dried, remained a light brown.I used red and blue silk paint with this one. It's nice how the paints have flowed between the areas of gel I scored with the knitting needle. I left the paint to dry overnight and have gone over them all with the Treasure Gold I bought the other day.
As you can see I ended up putting the treasure gold on them all! I love it. I had intended trying different paint to see what the effect would be but I liked the silk painted ones so much I ended up using it on them all! Stitching them to the background fabric will have to wait for now.


Shirley said...

Oh yum, I didn't realise that gel medium left such great texture. I must use mine now!

Carol said...

If you have the plain gel medium you can add sand, beads etc for texture.


Tonniece said...

Carol these are great. I too love the texture. wow the paints really took on a color of their own.

Love this porject
Thanks for shareing

DubiQuilts said...

WOW, they are great!

suzanne said...

Hi Carol,
Oh yes very nice al of it. I see your still such a busy lady, yur mind probably never sleeps.
Thanks for wonderful tutoring and I will have to get some of that gel
Have a great day.