Wednesday, 1 November 2006

I'm back!

I am back home again after a truly hectic weekend in Milton Keynes. I was attending the weekend for the Quilt Judging Course run by the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. 23 or so students attended and we had a busy but very worthwhile weekend.

We did jurying and judging sessions and got to meet each other. This course runs for 2 years and there is a LOT of work ahead. However, it should be fun and very worthwhile.

I have been thinking about my printmaking course whilst I was away. Lesson 4 posted today and I haven't even started Lesson 3! You can see the press my DH Norman made me for the course. When I said to him we had the wrong kind of pasta machine, ours is electric and makes all sorts of shapes etc (seldom out of the cupboard I have to say) not the roller kind mentioned in the class notes he said he would make me one. I used it last week and it is wonderful to use.

He bought the gears for it but everything else he machined himself. It's adjustable too so I can use different thickness of plates.

I am going to miss out on the Fast Friday Fabric challenge this month as I only have until Saturday to produce something and I don't have time this time around. The kids were around last night for Halloween - what fun!

Well I had better go get things organised for class tomorrow. I am not sure when I will get back in my studio - perhaps Friday!


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a cool thing to be doing, that quilt course! And HOW COOL is your bloke, what a neat press, think of the width of fabric you can print from BBIIIIIIIIG plates!

smarcoux said...

wow .. how lucky are you Carol shesh ... well Dianne is still hanging in here at mine .. trying to show her things before she goes... she has alot to take home LOL .. luggage will be seriously heavy .


Tonniece said...

Just how lucky are you to have such a dear sweet Hubby, and for him to be so talented too?

Lucky you is right.