Friday, 3 November 2006

Some Printing experiments

At last I have managed to get some time in my studio today. I thought I had better do some work on Lesson 3 of the printmaking course. I found this blue block in the art shop. It carved quite well.I have to say I was delighted with the prints. It took the paint well and I got a couple or three prints from each block before I needed to apply more paint. It's sponge like to I guess it retains the paint a little better. I used Stewart Gill Alchemy paints on a black paper background.
I used Maribu Textil paint on a heavy weight cartridge paper for the above sample. I like to try the block and paint on paper before trying it on fabric. I may try fabric tomorrow if I have time.
I drew a design on cardboard, applied some double sided tape all over the design and then followed the design with string. This is a nice easy method. You have to be careful as the paper is inclined to stick to the double sided tape. I put the paper on top of the string at first but it was better if I took the string block to the paper. If you get my drift!

And here is the print! I used cartridge paper here and the Maribu Textil paint. I think this would look good on fabric but instead of using paint perhaps I will try Xpandaprint (puff paint except the Xpandaprint has no colour, it comes as a creamy colour).

I bought some polystyrene sheets in A4 and A3 size from the art shop. You can, of course, use the trays you get from the supermarket but I didn't have any. The sheets are good as you can get a nice size block.

You can see I have cut out my design and have a positive and negative design. This was so easy to cut with a craft knife. I bought a scalpel which cuts so well (well it would have to wouldn't it!). You just have to take great care when using it.

I used two colours for this print. I used Stewart Gill Alchemy paints. These are my favourite paints as they come in such wonderful colours and they have really nice sparkly and interference colours. I looooooove their embossing powders as well. I used a heavy weight cartridge paper for this print.

The picture hasn't come out too well. I used interference colours for this on a yellow background. It looks so much nicer in real life.

I have "borrowed" Norman's (DH) Dremel and am about to try some lino cutting before I have to go make the evening meal. Time is flying by today - I must be having too much fun! I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for dropping by.


suzanne said...

Oh yes I like this, and I have a lot of those trays from meat and things, always wash them and using for a paint tray, I am going to try this.
your work is just beautiful, and you make it look so easy, doing everything, the brain and hands of an artist.
Just beautiful Carol, have a sit and a cupa, and a little breather.

Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

These are all great. I did try the string thing once but not with the same success as you got, so I will be trying it again.
Have some stro also, to try that method.

Can't wait to see these designs on your fabrics.


DejaBlu said...

Wonderful ideas!

I like to make stamps a way I have not seen anyone else do it. I get a piece of plexi-glass , and draw my design on a piece of paper, place the plexi-glass on top and copy the lines from the paper onto it with that "great glass" liquid leading. It takes a couple days to dry hard enough to use the stamp, but the stamp almost forever, and I can see where I am stamping with them.

Carol said...

I haven't heard of great glass liquid leading but will look out for it on my next visit to the art shop in Glasgow.

Can you remove the great glass from the plexiglass easily?

It sounds like a wondrful idea. Thank you for sharing it.