Saturday, 4 November 2006

Catching up on Printmaking

I spent a little while in my studio this morning trying to catch up on the Printmaking 101 class. I hate being behind. It seems I got a little ahead of myself yesterday and did a colograph which we don't cover until Lesson 5! Oooops! and there was me just playing away happily. That will teach me to read the class notes more carefully. Anyway today I made my very first (and very last) linocut print. I used those little lino cutters and managed to stab two fingers in the process. Thankfully I was all but finished cutting the lino otherwise it would have been difficult. No damage to the studio thankfully. Just a couple of sore fingers.

In order to test that I had cut the lino deeply enough to make a clear enough print I took a rubbing before I attempted using ink.

I used a black screen print ink for the first couple of prints. I think I need to apply a little more paint to the block. I was worried about getting the ink into the cut out bits.

This is another acrylic paint, different make than the black one. I was trying to get a positive/negative effect. I think it worked.

I ordered a couple of new books today The Art of Design - which was recommended last weekend for the Judging Course and a new one for the Embellisher. I have had the Embellisher for over a year now and haven't used it too much but have liked what I have done with it so far. Maggie Grey was working on some books for it with Val Campbell-Harding but I am not sure when or if they will appear.

I am off for a cup of hot chocolate. I have been searching around for one of those things that make whipped cream and managed to find one on the web on Thursday, it arrive yesterday so we have been enjoying flavoured hot chocolate topped with flavoured whipped cream! I don't have a sweet tooth but this is just gorgeous.

And what is a colograph? I guess I will learn what it is in Lesson 5!

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Tonniece said...

sorry to hear about your fingers, but the results are fab.
love the positive/negative, I think it worked too.

You are so funny, getting ahead of yourself with your lessons. I'm thinking that's a good thing, most people are behind. LOL


Terry said...

Ahh--don't give up on linocuts!

I've damaged my fingers as well, but learned two good things.
1. Use a whetstone to sharpen your cutting tools every time you use them. Sharp tools make easier cuts.
2. Build a base for your block, so it does not move as you are cutting. A piece of plywood with a couple of scraps of molding at right angles nailed to it works great. Then you don't have to hold the block and are less likely to stab yourself. You can see it here:,2041,DIY_14069_2273763,00.html

Maybe you've tried both of these ideas already, but just thought I'd share them in case you haven't.

Love your printmaking efforts!

Carol said...

Hi Terry,

I did buy some more lino yesterday at the art shop together with some more "tools"! It wasn't the cutting my fingers that put me off but I have weak wrists and found the cutting a little difficult.

Not to many years ago I almost severed the top of one of my fingers building a remote controlled Fokker triplane - I just put some tape on it and kept on building!

I am going to make a block as you suggested and give the lino cutting another go. Although my tools were new I think I should have sharpened them before using them.

One of the tools kept bending and in the end it broke so I think I was using it incorrectly. You live and learn.

I hadn't thought of either of your ideas thank you so much for sharing them and thank you for the link.

Thanks for dropping by.


Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

Good to see you online. Is the computer fixed or is it still misbehaving?

Well it seems I was both "behind" and "ahead" all at the same time!

Dianne will soon be home, bet you missed her.

Take care,


Liz said...

Lovely lino prints, but ouch!! I cut my thumb earlier in the year making one. Did you know, though that you can get some stuff by speedball which is very soft to cut through (it's like a huge pink rubber and I think you can get it about 12" long (not sure how wide). Art van go sell it. It's much easier! (more expensive than lino unfortunately, but easier on the fingers). I cut my thumb again today cutting swedes to make soup so I'm obviously prone...