Sunday, 19 November 2006

A clean Studio

Norman and I put up three shelves in my studio this morning. I now have my most used bits and pieces at my fingertips. It also means my radio and ipod are off the desk out of the way when I am working.

It also means I can store books I am using on top of the storage units which is much tidier. Of course this meant I spent the morning cleaning and tidying and organising everything.

The other thing I did was add another rail for hanging my work in progress. I already had one but there was space for a second one. We bought these from Ikea and they are brilliant.

I have hung my design wall on one rail and my WIP on the other in front. I had the design wall pinned to another wall but this saves space and makes things look less cluttered.

Since it was all tidy I managed to get 15 fabric postcards made. Not many more to do and that's my postcard swap complete for this year.


Tonniece said...

God I love it when a room comes together. Not that I have mine done, but just looking at yours is good enough for me.
thanks Carol, I feel so much better now. LOL


Dianne said...

It looks beautiful, what a place to work your magic..
Only 15 this is after cleaning, you are just a whirl wind.. I hope you and Norman had a great weekend.

jenclair said...

I got up this morning determined to clean up the last mess and organize a bit. Your pictures strengthened an already weakening determination. I love the rail from Ikea!

StegArt said...

It's fun to have more organization. Your space looks great. And those postcards look fantastic.

Deb H said...

It's so inspiring to get organized. I was organizing today too. I love the hanging system you have there. Very Clever!

Liz said...

Brilliant idea for a design wall, Carol - what do Ikea call them?