Friday, 17 November 2006

Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 20th Wedding anniversary and Norman bought me these lovely roses. They are cream with a tinge of green. He tried to get me pure cream but couldn't. I had cream roses in my bouquet when we married - isn't he a sweetheart for remembering?

My stepson, Roger, is getting engaged tomorrow in Edinburgh so it's celebrations all weekend. I haven't had time to do any "art" but I did spend a little time this morning moving books and bookshelves out of my studio into the spare bedroom. It took ages as I read through books I hadn't read through for ages.

More from the studio on Sunday I hope.


StegArt said...

Happy Anniversary!

Dianne said...

Well a very happy aniversary for you and Normal, he is a sweety and so are you sooooo you sweety couple you:):) do have a fabulous weekend.. The roses are a beautiful color.. Will be looking forward to hearing about it..

platitudinal said...

Happy anniversary :)

Tonniece said...

What a great hubby to try and get the same flower's for you. But these are lovely.

And a big CONGRATS to your stepson also.

Have a great weekend


suzanne said...

Happy anniversary!