Monday, 27 November 2006

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge #3

I forgot it was this past Friday that the FFFC #3 started. As I did with Challenge #1 I will explain the progress of this piece as I go.

We have to design an odd shaped quilt. I missed challenge #2 because I was in Milton Keynes at the Quilt Judging weekend and I was in danger of missing this one, not because I was away but because I couldn't think what to do. Inspiration struck yesterday and my design will be based on a hexagon shape - well sort of. I am using Fast2Fuse and batik fabrics.

I have fused the fabrics to all the pieces. This will be the middle section. I still have to stitch and add things to it - it's still a little vague but I know where I am going with it.

This is going to be the inner section. I will be adding painted and stitched Lutrador to this section.
This is the outer section. There are six of these. I have already made a start on these pieces.

First I painted newspaper with a mixture of brown/gold acrylic paint. I left that to dry overnight.

This morning I layered it with the outside section you saw above and stitched PETROGLYPH all over it. I used the Pfaff 1475 to program the word. I intend wetting it and "distressing" the paper. That will expose bits of the fabric underneath. Did I say the design source for this piece of work is Petroglyphs - you probably guessed that already!

I did some experiments with painted Lutrador the other day. I want to use it on this piece. I got some truly lovely results. I forgot to bring in my sketchbook from the studio to photograph them. I need to go pack for class so will post some Lutrador pictures tomorrow.


StegArt said...

I'm very intrigued about where you are going with this...especially with some of your materials and how you are using them...things I never would have thought of.

Leanne Hurren said...

Can't wait to see the lutrador samples Carol. Do you use a respirator mask when burning things?

suzanne said...

I also am intrifed, and can't wait to see the results.
Something new always, your an amazing women.

suzanne said...

sorry Carol that word is suppose to be intriged, still amazing.

Carol said...

Hi ladies,

I will post the my completed piece as soon as Blogger lets me!!!!