Friday, 1 December 2006

Quelle Surprise!

And what a surprise it was on Monday when my students told me that next week was our last week. I had planned so many things for them that I lost track of the numbers of weeks left! I really needed to get organised. This week has flown by (don't they all?) The result is I have had little time in the studio this week. Norman and I had a day our on Tuesday. We used to live in Perth and enjoy our trips back up there so that's where we headed for. I was surprised to see the craft shop had closed. A new scrapbooking has opened around the corner and it was interesting. We left there and headed for Lower Largo in the East Neuk of Fife. It was a lovely day, the sun was shining and on the way down we stopped in Anstruther at Norman's favourite fish 'n' chip shop. Sorry about the vans and cars outside in the picture above. We had lunch and then headed for a lovely little craft shop in Lower Largo - Very Crafty.

I did spend some time in the studio on Wednesday and got a little bit more done to the FFFC piece. It's coming along nicely. I will post pictures later. I better go take them before I lose the light again!

Norman has "man flu" at the moment so he needs some TLC. I took my little cat to the vet this morning for her blood tests, she has kidney problems and an overactive thyroid. Medication seems to have worked and she seems OK but they test her blood every three months or so just to be sure. I also tidied the front garden up a little this morning and chatted with Tam my neighbour and before I knew it, it was time for lunch.

I will take some Lutrador pictures when I am busy and will post the results later. I have to confess I did take some to post but for some reason they were all out of focus - each and every one! At least I am consistent.

To answer Leanne's question, yes I do use a mask and respirator. If I am working with powders like Pearl-ex or those metallic powders I use a mask. If I am heating and burning I use a respirator. I had a nasty experience when doing my C&G in P&Q at college one day. My tutor was demonstrating using a heat tool and although she was wearing a mask the students weren't. Later that day on the way home I was violently sick (not good when you are in a car on your own in a traffic jam on a dual carriageway!) I thought it was just me until I mentioned it to a couple other students in class and another lady said she was very light headed on her drive home. I have never used the heat tol without a respirator since!


Leanne Hurren said...

I've just bought a respirator today from Art Van Go. I find burning lutrador very smeely and horrible so decided to get one before I experiment any more!

Elle said...

Man flu? That's hilarious! Hope he's feeling better! I know that when mine gets sick he needs lots of TLC too. I joke that I should get him a bell or something, it's so sad, LOL.

Carol said...


That's good news on the respirator, you won't regret it.


Carol said...

Hi Elle,

Thanks for dropping by. DH is much better today, poor soul, he's out in his workshop today and sounding so much better.


Tonniece said...

Man flu. Carol that is hilarious. Good to know mine isn't the only one to get that, and I agree elle, I say I should get a bell also. LOl

Hope Norman feels better soon.


Dianne said...

Hey girly I came to post and I see you have done sooo much more ok I'm off to comment on them, glad to hear Norman is better..