Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Last Printmaking Class Lesson

I have been playing around with monoprints again. This time I thought I would try using the shiny side of freezer paper instead of acetates or plexiglass. It worked a treat and these are the results. I also found a tool at the home improvement store the other day. It's for making wood effect on paintwork. Well to my surprise it worked well.
With the wood effect tool came another one with serrated edges - different sizes on each of the four sides. I did the background of the above print with that and then overprinted with the flower. I am not sure the colours work so well they look so much better before they are transferred!
You can really see the wood grain effect with this one. I did if first with blue and then over printed with the green. I used an acetate for this one rather than the freezer paper. I wanted to see if there was a difference. There wasn't.

I haven't managed to try the new "blue" paper etch yet. Since the sewing studio has been dismantled it means I don't have access to my laser printer - which is required for the etching technique. I will try it out as soon as I can and report back.


Rayna said...

Ooooh - the flower looks great in the middle one. I love that serrated tool; use it all the time in my printing work.

Liz said...

Great idea to use freezer paper - I must remember that! Love seeing the results of the printing class.

Carol said...

Hi Rayna,

Thanks for dropping by. I wasn't sure about the flower. It was the colours I wasn't sure about. It looks better this morning!



Carol said...

Hi Liz,

The freezer paper worked a treat and can be reused a couple of times.