Wednesday, 8 November 2006

More fun printing.......

Since I jumped the gun a little by doing some colographs the other day I thought I would do a little more to them. I haven't printed them yet as I have to wait for the Gel Medium to dry. I will have to leave it overnight so it will be a couple of days before I can get back to them.

This is a landscape using various textured Gels.
This is similar to the string block I made the other day but I decided to put some gels in some of the spaces.

The same with the Celtic one, I added some gel medium. I do love Celtic designs and introduce them into my work whenever I can. As you can see fromt the paint all over it I did print with this block but haven't tried it with the addition of the gels. Oh! how I wish they would dry quickly!
This is another one using the gels. I hope they work!

I wasn't very successful with the drypoint samples I was working on. I tried some more this morning but I gave up in the end. I tried using a different base from the copper shim but it made little or no difference. However ........ I found a new to me product for etching printed circuit boards without all the mess! Laser print the design on some blue treated paper and iron it to printed circuit board, there's a little more to it but I haven't tried it but will later.

Since I wasn't successful with the drypoint I tried another monoprint. This time I put the paint on the plexiglass, paper on top and drew the design on the back of the paper. I wish I could draw .... Tonniece I need a tutorial from you! Anyway I found this clipart and drew it. I am sure I could do better but it's not too bad for a first attempt at monoprint drawing.

Well I had better go make the evening meal. Today has just flown by.


Tonniece said...

Hello Miss impatience. LOL

These are all looking great as per usual.

I finally saw your beautiful book up close and personal, and I must say Dianne is one very lucky girl.
The design is just stunning and very unique.

As for a tutorial. That is one thing you don't need. The drawing you've done is great.

Have a good one

pam annesley said...

Laser print the design on some blue treated paper and iron it to printed circuit board...........
I'm interested in your printing experiments and am intrigued to know what is 'blue treated paper.
Can you please explain? Thanks, Pam

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece,

Thank you, my friend, for your kind words about the "book".

The drawing was a "tracing" so I DO need a tut. I think I will get Drawing on the Right side of the Brain out again and work through it. Perhaps turning everything upside down to draw IS the answer!


Carol said...


I will post more details on the technique when I try it out. I hope to do that either this afternoon or tomorrow (Sat). I am in a cooking mood today - much to my DH delight!