Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Drypoint Prints

I tried some drypoint prints this afternoon. The above was made using copper shim which I scribed with a dremel using various shaped diamond tips. I used acrylic paint with a retarder on damp heavy cartridge paper. The press Norman made was great for this.
For this print I tried brass shim, since I had run out of copper shim! I used a metal scribe this time. I spent a lot of time drawing the design, it's a pity it didn't come out in the print. I am finding when I clean the paint from the metal it also removes the paint from the "burrs" with the result most of the design is lost. Oh! well I guess I need to try some more.

Oooooooh! My Embellisher book from Myfanwy was waiting for me when I got back from the hairdressers this morning. Oh! my goodness what a wonderful book. I had planned on doing some more drypoint and lino cuts this afternoon but guess what? Yes I am going to do some work with the Embellisher. I shall be in 7th heaven!

I also ordered some Lutradur from her. I read about this some time ago and wondered just what it was, well now I know. There is some good information on the internet which I have read over the past week and hopefully I can get some samples done with it either tomorrow or at the weekend when I hope to have some time to myself. Click here to see some work using Lutradur.

I bought some water soluble paper years ago and never used it up but it seems to have disappeared so I bought some more and hope to do some textured surfaces using it. Maggie Grey has used it to great effect using stamps and I want to try that too. Oh! dear there I go with too many things I want to do and soooooo little time.

Class was great yesterday. I got the students to bring in a photograph/picture and we did a colour study. I thought it was a good way to get them to start thinking about creating their own designs. It was such fun and they enjoyed themselves. I sent them home to match their paint colours with the fabrics from their stash.

Enjoy your day, be creative!