Saturday, 2 December 2006

FFFC Challenge #3 Finished

Here is my finished challenge piece. After such a busy week I finished it by the skin of my teeth.

Once I had finished the separate sections I first of all stitched the outer sections to the hexagon base. I didn't stitch the word petroglyph on the hexagon because it wouldn't be seen in the final piece. I did, however, add some painted and heated Lutrador - I thought perhaps a little might show on the finished piece but at this stage I wasn't quite sure.

I then added each of the two subsequent layers.

As you can see above I have made some little "beads" from copper wire with little seed beads strung onto it and stitched it in place on the middle layer - the only with the embossed/painted aluminium foil. The "beads" match the couched copper wire that I satin stitched all around the pieces. I left about an inch of copper wire at each of the four corners and strung the same beads to these to give a nice effect.
For the centre I took an image of a Kokopelli into Paintshop Pro. I created a motif from the image and then creating the design you see below by adding the image onto a further three laters and manipulated them (invert, flip and mirror) to give me the design. I then printed it onto paper, traced it onto Romeo water soluble and using a Gutterman thicker metallic variegated thread I free motion stitched the design and appliqued it to the centre of my little quiltlet.

I may play around with this design a little more in PSP and see if I can come up with something interesting. Watch this space! I hope you have enjoyed seeing another of my challenge pieces taking shape.


Dianne said...

Oh Carol this if friggin fantastic I just love it, those little kokopelli guys are beautiful, I love the design, you never fail to amaze me and inspire us all.
Brilliant work you'd get 100% from me...

Shelina said...

Yes I definitely enjoy seeing the process, because I couldn't think of this stuff myself.

Tonniece said...

This is a great piece. I was curious just where you were going with this challenge, but I think you've out done yourself. Kudos to
another beautiful piece of work.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely, Carol! And so are those knitted jerseys a few posts ago. You're very talented.

smarcoux said...

Carol ... you know my weakness for kokopelli!!!!

very nice indeed


Carol said...

Hi ladies,

Thank you for your kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed working through this challenge piece.

Sandy, You and I both! When I was looking through my knitwear I found a piece I designed using the Kokopelli and I thought I would use it in this piece. I have used a few other petroglyphs but this is my favourite.


Dianne said...

This is just fantastic!! Love the image and how you've incorporated it in the design.