Sunday, 14 January 2007

Catching up

It's been one of those restful but busy weeks. You know the kind? Catching up with friends and having much needed time to myself before my teaching starts again, both in-person and online.

My piece of art from Susan in the US arrived earlier this week. I have had it framed and it's hanging in my studio. I like to have pieces of other peoples art around especially when they have touched my life. Susan it's beautiful, I love it.
Whilst relaxing I have been doing some more reading about Copper. My research folder was looking decidedly empty! I made some headway this morning and have at last made a good start. Well I had already made a start but hadn't put anything down on paper just notes and more notes - it's now on its way! Phew!

I also managed to get the quilting and binding done on this quilt. It's one of the pieces I will be teaching this coming term. Foundation piecing and fusible applique. I say one of the pieces as I will be teaching Lone Star, Sampler quilt, string piecing and my own version of Giant Dahlia that I designed whilst learning all about the Fibonacci sequence whilst studying for my City & Guilds. I knew I would use it some time. I have all the pictures taken of the stages to make it and should have had a class written for Quilt University by now but somehow I just couldn't quite get down to writing it. I made 4 quilts in different colours I just have it to write. There are other projects I am teaching this term I just can't remember them for the moment. I have all my samples ready and my bags are packed ready for tomorrow. Did I say I have been relaxing? Well I have really, it doesn't take long to get things done and organised.

I have also been busy designing a book for my first Assessment piece for my City & Guilds course. I ordered some natural dyed Lokta carrot leaf papers from the papershed. The colours match my source, pictures of the Scottish Parliament Building. My pictures are a little different but this one will give you an idea of what I am doing. I did some painting on papers etc to take into Paint Shop Pro to use as backgrounds and create a design. I am not too happy with my first attempts but they will get better, fingers crossed! There is a lot of natural wood in the Scottish Parliament building and I want to include that in my book cover design - I may lay the final book on a bed of twigs or something - my ideas aren't quite clear yet.

I also managed to get my fabric postcards send out. I still have three to make and that's all 42 done! I may take a rest from it this year as I am so very busy with my courses.

Well I am off to rest some more!


suzanne said...

PHEW! is right. You must send some of that Scottish energy across the pond, R&R will be good When you get it, great work, busy women.

Dora said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!
I've visited your website and I like your work very much.

Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

I love the art from Susan, and your quilt is stunning.

I see you are keeping busy as usual.Phew!!!!!!
Can't wait to see what treasures you create this year.
I'm just getting into the swing of things after the new year. ( a late bloomer I guess) LOL

Happy creating