Monday, 15 January 2007

No Stone Unturned

In prepararation for my second assessment piece for my C&G course I have been playing around with my photographs on different layers in PSP to create, what I hope is, a pleasing design. Here is one I designed yesterday. The photograph of the pebbles was taken from my garden pond before it was dismantled to make way for the log cabin studio. I created the background from a plain colour fill which I added numerous different filters to. The various squares were just drawn by using the preset shapes tool to which I added different filters.a

I quite like this and plan on making a quilt from it. I just have to decide what techniques I should use. I see some hand painted and texture gel background, embossed copper shim and the pebble pictures printed on silk or perhaps some Lutradur with perhaps the image printed again on chiffon or voile and layered on top to give the transparent effect. I shall mull it over for a little while before deciding.

What do you think?


Tonniece said...

I think this is a great effect Carol, and would make a lovely quilt. I have just last night figured how to do the filtering. LOL
I'm going to play with it a bit more today and show you how it looks.
Fingers crossed.


Dianne said...

Well I really love the picture, the quilt sounds fabulous all that work but it will be stunning I'm sure when you get it finished..
I can't wait till Tonniece gets her photoshop so I can watch her play with it...

teodo said...

oxujdyour work are fantastic I don't understand how do you do to make thise picture and then the quilts. I'm curious.I wont read all that there is in your blog.
Excuse my mistake in the writing.
ciao ciao from Italy

MargaretR said...

I love the contrasts here Carol, I'm not really a quilter, but I can imagine it would make a lovely one. The background texture you have created is stunning.

Deb H said...

Very COOL!