Friday, 19 January 2007

My daily walk

Well not quite daily but I have started walking again most days. I have had achilles tendon problems this last little while and couldn't walk as much but it's healed (almost) and I am back walking again. It's around about 6 miles and I took my camera with me on Wednesday.
I want to make a quilt using pictures of trees that I will manipulate in PSP and print onto fabric. This is the River Almond which runs right along Muireston trail. It was just a little frosty and a bit slippery underfoot.
Wow! the river was flowing really quickly. We have had a tremendous amount of rain recently and since we are near the hills and farm land the water runs off them down into the river.
It's so quiet but I meet the same people who walk their dogs and we always stop for a chat. I love living here.
This is about two thirds of the way round. I was teaching yesterday and didn't manage to go for my walk. I spent the morning packing and unpacking my quilts and samples from Mondays class in preparation for ther first Thursday class. It snowed off and on all morning and I was beginning to wonder if I would get there. DH drove me there and picked me up afterwards which was great. Today it's fine again, snow has gone and I am just sitting relaxing with my feet up enjoying my books and pondering new quilt designs - nothing too taxing!


Tonniece said...

Oh Carol these pics are splendid. Wish I had a nice river near here to stroll by at my leasure. I love the sound of running water. I would love living there also.

Happy to hear that you are on the mend. Nothing worse than not being able to get about. I've never had that particular problem, but have heard that it's quite painful.
Enjoy your relaxing time.


MargaretR said...

You live in a lovely peacful area. I must start walking again soon.
I was doing Mod 7 when I suddenly felt myself losing interest in all handwork for some reason and I had been enjoing the course so much up until then. I am now feeling keen to get on with everyhting again.
Do try that wool felt in the oven, the colours are beautiful. i also put in some black and that turned a lovely orangey brown. I used about A4 size.

Dianne said...

Love it what a place to walk, I was all over google looking at pics of the river..
Thanks for sharing these, Have a well desevered fett up relaxing time. Norman is such a good man, well you are a fab couple.. Big hugs to you both..

Carol said...

Thanks Margaret I will try some black as well as white and see how it goes.

Carol said...

Hi Tonniece and Dianne, you will just have to come visit us and see it for yourself!