Sunday, 21 January 2007

Brrrr! it's cold and frosty

We had another stormy night on Friday. I found it hard to get any sleep I was sure the roof would be blown off the house, it didn't and neither did any of the tiles. I thought my log cabin might be blown away - it wasn't. However when Norman and I drove to my class on Thursday I saw the self same log cabin had had it's roof blown off and was hanging on a huge tree - that's what made me worry about mine. My studio nestles in a corner of the garden and I guess it has some shelter from the trees and houses around.

It had calmed down sufficiently for me to go my walk yesterday. I came home and worked on my project for a friend. I can't show you pictures just yet as I know she reads my blog. Speaking of blogs Norman has been talking about having a blog for ages now. Yesterday I helped him at least get one up and running. He wanted it to journal the making of his latest train, I think he has been busy with it again this morning! It's very icy here today the pavements are like sheets of ice and so I have decided not to walk today. I have the housework done and have been busy organising lunch and dinner.

Since it's so very cold, and also because we had an organic chicken for dinner last night, I decided to make a pot of soup. I have been going to the farmers' market for my veg but I am finding that I throw away more than I can use. It's not the farmer's fault but once the veg is washed you can see the bad bits. I have resorted to buying my veg from the supermarket again.

That's the soup done and is cooking as I write. DH loves home made soup as do I. I am not a great foody but I love to cook - good job Norman loves to eat!
We are having pork fillet baked in the oven with steamed vegatables and boiled potatoes. Everything is times to be ready at 6pm so I have the rest of the day to play! I plan on finishing my project and hopefully I can get to work on the next quilt using the photographs of the trees I took the other day. I am still toying with the idea of the book design for my first assessment piece. I need to plan and sketch some more before I put my brief together for Marie my tutor.


Dianne said...

Well your soup looks yummy, I love homemade soups my self.. I made it at work every day for maybe 20 yrs.
I now only make it when asked for others:):)
Now porl fillet bake yummmmm loe pork it my favorite meat..
I heard you were have really high winds. Marion had a tree fall on her housebut she is in England scary stuff..I'm glad nothing happened to your studio..
Norman a blog thats cool Tonniece and I were just saying yesterday we would like to see some of Normans trains, we might get a chance now..
Can't wait to see your next project...

Tonniece said...

Hi Carol

Good to see Normans blog. As Dianne said we did just discuss that yeaterday.
Your soup looks soooo good, I too love a good homemade soup, especially on cold and windy days like we are getting now. The other good thing about stews and soups is that you get to play while they cook themselves.
Good to hear your studio was kept safe from the winds. Must have been scarey for you.
Well on to your project. Looking forward to seeing it finished.