Sunday, 21 January 2007

....... then the sun came out

I spent some time in the sewing studio this morning working on my project. I got to the glue stage and couldn't do any more until it dried. By the time I had finished sewing and gluing the sun had come out and the snow had melted. It was a lovely day and I got some more photographs of trees for my new quilt idea.

I thought I had better take a picture of the twigs I will be using for the "bed" that my hand made book (assessment 1) will lie on. Now I just have to find out what it is - berberis? Anyway it's gorgeous I shall have to have a look through my plant/shrub books. It's always better to identify the plant I will be using for my brief!!!!!!
I came home to a nice hot bowl of home made chicken and tomato soup with melba toast. The quick version of the toast is to toast the bread as normal in the toaster, cut the slices in half which gives you a toasted side and an untoasted side. Place the toasted sides together and pop them back in the toaster - voila! quick melba toast. I used to do this under the grill but it took longer and a girl needs time to play!
A s part of the textile challenge I did a few weeks ago I had to make an ATC. I haven't made these before and so I just cut a piece off the scroll (remember the blue scroll) I made for the challenge. I cut it to the required size 3" x 2", layered it with a piece of pelmet vilene on the back and used a piece of the cord I made for the scroll to make a nice edge - I just zig zag stitched it in place. I am trading with a lady called Dianne, I hope she likes it. Do I need to add anything else do you think?
I then blocked the gorgeous wall hanging Tonniece from Canada sent me. The picture isn't very good I am afraid. The light is fading and the foam grid I pinned it to is silver grey and reflects the light from my flash.
This is a little better. It took a long time to block it out. I then gently steamed it and I shall leave it untouched for a day or two. I plan on taking it into Linlithgow next week to have it framed. I wish I had a better picture for you to see the real beauty of this piece of work.


Purple Missus said...

Your ATC is lovely Carol. I don't think it needs anything else. Dianne is a very lucky lady!

Carol said...

Lynda send me your snail mail addy and I will send you one if you like.

Carol said...

Don't add a thing it is fab and shows your technique off perfectly. Dianne will love it! Well done on a very successful first ATC.Love carol

Dianne said...

Its perfect and I know Dianne will love it brilliant for first tme..
The twigs I love was looking all over the net for the name of them. We have some that grow on the side of the road here not sure if they are that vibiant red...
Wow Tonnices piece looks smashing it will ve stunning in a frame, she will be ticklied pink..

Shelina said...

That is a pretty red plant.

Tonniece said...

WHEW!!!!!! Finally.

I have been trying to get on here for a while now. Oh well I'm here now.............. Love the deep color of the twigs.
Yup that soup is looking pretty good to me. Lucky you.

As for the ATC, it looks great as it is.
The wall hanging looks great, Can't wait to see it framed.


CalicoDaydreams said...

oh, your atc is so interesting! That is so pretty and I am sure your swap partner will love it!

Dianne said...

No, you didn't have to add anything else!! It is just wonderful. Fantastic textures - thanks very much!