Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Update on Wallhanging

I removed the wall hanging from the blocking mat this morning. It's been there for a couple of days just to ensure that it is completely dry after being steamed and blocked. Before blocking I strengthened some of the stitching where it had come adrift. I wanted to use the same threads used to make the wall hanging and not having any I used some of the threads from the tassels to ensure that my stitching matched the threads already there. My skills aren't as good as those of the original maker of the piece but I hope I did it sympathetically. This is a picture of the tassels before I started workk on it (sorry it's blurred).

I spent a while this morning teasing out each and every thread of the tassel and here is how it looks now. I have a further three still to do but will sit in the evenings and do them. It's so lovely to hold this piece of work in my hands and carefully and gently work with it. I wonder about the maker, who she was and where she lived. All sorts of questions come to my mind as I work with it.

It's cold and icy again today the log cabin looks good with a covering of frost but boy is it cold out there. I popped in to empty the dehumidifer - not that there was much in there - and locked up and rushed back into the house! I left the heater on as I plan on going out later today to do some painting, stamping, stencilling with my design work for the hand made book.


Dianne said...

You do have a lot of paitiences, but it will be worth it. I looks incredible love it...

Carol said...

I admire your patience, but the result will be worth it, what beautiful work

Tonniece said...

It's comeing along great Carol.

Dianne, and Carol are right, you have the patience of Jobe.
Can't wait to see it framed.

Deb H said...

You've made it look much nicer. I'm sure the maker must be pleased to have you refresh her work. (I'm guessing she's no longer among the living).

You've made me hungry looking at your last several posts. I think I need to go make a nice pot of soup!