Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Custom Brushes in PSP

We had a great afternoon in class yesterday. Everyone is so busy with their projects, their work is beautiful. I am so lucky to have such talented students.

This morning I had to take Sirikit, my little Siamese cat, to the vet. She has chronic kidney problems but medication has kept her well. However she has lost a little weight and I am concerned for her. She had some blood tests done and I need to wait until the afternoon to see what they say. She is sitting on my knee sleeping at the moment, she is so content. She's a feisty little cat - she was 16 last October so she is a little old lady! Anyway we shall see how she gets on.
I have written my brief for Assessment 1 and my tutor is pleased with it so I can move on to designing the front cover of my hand made book. I have been busy playing but the more I play the more new ideas I get so it will be a little while before I am happy with one particular design.

In the meantime I have been busy creating custom brushes in PSP and I have been creating designs with them. The picture above shows a custom brush I created. The source was the front of part of the Scottish Parliament building. I used colours from the picture I had taken and created the whole image from scratch adding filters and texture along the way.

Marie, my tutor, taught me how to trace the negative space from pictures I took of trees in my neighbourhood. This is one of them, a circular brush.
Here's another. For each new colour and size of brush I added a new layer. That way if I didn't like what I added I could just delete the layer. I am having a lot of fun with this course, can you tell!


Dianne said...

Hello Carol,
Missed you all week, but I know how busy you are..
Well I love the first pic and the colors, the 3rd one is really fantastic. you are having fun... Well I downloaded Artweaver a free programme for artist to use, I have been playing a bit with it. Its nothing like photoshop but its good for a beginner like me..

Dianne said...

I forgot to tell you, I hope that sweet Sirikit will be okay, well wishes I'm sending on the winds from Canada..

Carol said...

Thank you Dianne I am loving PSP but I think you know that already!

I had good news when I called the vet this afternoon Sirikit's blood tests have remained the same as last time. We will continue with her meds. I breathed a sigh of relief when the vet said she was fine.

Thank you for your good wishes - it worked. Love, Carol

Carol said...

Love these designs Carol, looks like you are enjoying this stage of the course.
Hope your little cat is recovering,

Tonniece said...

Love, Love, love, these brushes Carol. I'm still playing too, and haveing a ball.

Glad to hear Sirikit is doing ok.
You know you can't keep a good girl down.